(Conocer) : to know deeper; to experience personally; to be familiar with.


The journey to knowing reaches further than knowledge or intellect, just as experiencing and relating to the world around us and the God within us is a process- a push into what is ahead. It all takes substantial vulnerability and a smidge of spontaneity.

Follow me as I move from North Carolina to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic- as I acquaint myself to the culture, language and lifestyle; as I seek to know Jesus fully and experience more of him; as I learn to live with the contents of two suitcases, and as I search for healing and restoration in a world with less distractions.

C O N O Z C A    C O N M I G O

Experience With Me

Who is this Girl?

My name is Kelsey Angelette; a North Carolina girl who has had 23 short years of experience being stubborn, strong- willed and adventurous. I have a B.S. Ed in Spanish and am a certified English teacher as well. I’m using those really expensive pieces of paper as a one way ticket to the Caribbean. One could say that I love language, but really, I live for communication and I value words.

Food is my vice, coffee is my lover, and Jesus is my everything.